TRIP IDEAS FOR "Families with Kids"

What to Pack
In more rural areas certain items are harder to find, though Sri Lanka has developed to cater any type of holidaymakers. Sun tan lotion, mosquito spray, Insect bite cream are some of the basics to pack in your carrying bag. A small umbrella, Car Seat aren’t too easily found so if you are able put into the check list and Disposable nappies a good idea to pack!

How to Travel

Highly recommended to have a specious vehicle with a driver at your disposal while traveling inland if you have small children. Just bear in mind that time and distance in Sri Lanka don’t correlate as you might imagine. Train journeys, while wonderful, can be similarly lengthy. The most popular, from Kandy to Ella is stunning but you might do better to split it, either doing Kandy to Nanu Oya, or Nanu Oya to Ella, if you’re with young kids.

Where to Stay

If you are traveling with children, it’s always worth checking on the room arrangement before making any travel commitment because the set-ups obviously change from one place to the next. There are great family rooms, interconnecting rooms, private villas and attic rooms. These are the set-ups we would recommend for a child friendly holiday in Sri Lanka.

Beach Holidays

Sri Lanka’s beaches can look stunning, but when it comes to swimming you have to be treated carefully. The Down South and Deep South beaches thought to be the best and safest beach for kids and a great spot for watersports too! At the right time of year, the places like west coast and east coast becomes the safest beaches.

Making of the food

Most restaurants will serve simple foods like fish & chips, burgers, omelets, pasta when catering for children. However, in rural areas or off-the-beaten you will most of the food to be on the little spice-life! In this situation you are most welcome to say “Don’t make it spicy or Don’t add chili” and your food will be made according to your requirement.

Medical Care

Access to good doctors and medical care in Sri Lanka is excellent, of course many locals would be happy to recommend natural and ayurvedic medicine. Dengue fever is a concern in some parts of the island, so a good mosquito spray in the late evenings are recommended.