When in Sri Lanka


COLOMBO Rated as the number one tourist destination in 2018 by the Lonely Planet and cited as the second best place to visit in the World by National Geographic Channel, the beautiful island paradise Sri Lanka is an all in One Island. Travel in Sri Lanka is a definite must!

Find out the 7 things you do not want to miss on your journey to amazing Sri Lanka!

Surfing and Water Sports- Down South Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a Surfer’s dream paradise. Take a trip around the South if you want to experience Surfing and other Water Sports activities the country has to offer. The crystal blue waters and the pristine beaches in Arugambay, Tangalle, Passikkudah are the most inviting and draws you towards the water and the thrilling activities like Snorkeling, Banana boats, Jet Skis and many more.

Do not miss out the White Water Rafting in Kithulgala- for the best rafting experience.

Hiking / Trekking at Ella and beyond

A plethora of opportunities are available in the hill-country side around the Haputale, Ella and beyond. Take a hiking tour through the jungle and across tea estates and up the steep mountains. En-route stop for a dip in the refreshing rivers or the breathtaking waterfalls and a long hiking haul- walk into those little huts like restaurants where you will be offered home-cooked food and a very reviving cuppa!

Apart from hill-country- Kandy and the Sinharaja Forest offer you the best hiking experience.

Historic sites in Anuradhapura / Galle Fort

Most of the history is inspired by the leftover ruins and historic sites- these places are open for visits. Visit the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Dambulla Rock Cave Temple or the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and get inspired by the Sri Lankan history. The Rock paintings, the mountain carvings and the statues bring about the amazing history and the artistic side of the Locals of the country.

A visit to Galle Fort will give you feeling of ancient Sri Lanka- the atmosphere remains the same to date.

Wildlife and Nature Parks- From the North all the way to South and in-between

The rainforests, the Wildlife Safaris, the Nature Parks, the Elephants, Peacocks, Leopards, Bird Watching experience and what-not- Sri Lanka has a wide range of National Parks, Nature Reserves, Safari lodges and camps established throughout, covering vast areas of bio-diverse terrain. Wilpattu from the North to Yala in the South- the country is filled with National Parks and wildlife areas. When here, you miss out the Wildlife, then you have missed a huge part of Sri Lanka.

Train Rides to the Hill-Country

Take a train ride from Kandy to Ella and experience the most scenic journeys of a train ride in the world. The train trip will take you through many man-built tunnels, stone cliffs, rivers, enormous waterfalls and much more fun sites could be witnessed. Rather than going for a luxury, book a normal train tour so you could experience the local life in local style!

Street Food in Colombo and all around the country

The street food in Sri Lanka is so luscious and mouthwatering that once you have it you would crave for more and more. Passed on from generations, the recipes are tried and tested for years, no matter how much you try you cannot beat the flavor made by the local vendor. Amongst the favorites and the unbeatable ones are; Kottu, Isso wade, Aappa (hoppers), Indhiappa (string hoppers), Acharu and the Manioc chips- they are absolutely finger licking good. You could find these delicious delicacies all around Sri Lanka.

Tea Estates / Tea Plantations Up-country

Experience the Tea making in Sri Lanka step by step. The up-country Tea Estates give a tour for their visitors on how the Tea leaves are planted, plucked and made into tea. The tour is mesmerizing and gives a great feeling of refreshment. Take a cycle tour or a walk through the tea plantations- watch the ladies with a basket on their back plucking the leaves in a consistent method- the view is stunning!

When in Sri Lanka there are countless things to do- Mentioned here are just a few of the many exciting things Sri Lanka has on offer for its visitors.